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  • Pentapox
    Pentapox21 time siden

    Did they give any excuse for the massive drop in writing quality for season 5?

  • A. Pseudonym
    A. Pseudonym22 timer siden

    the first season was the best season. love that low budget public access vibe

  • Dan Kent
    Dan Kent22 timer siden

    🥱 Give Psychicpebbles a feature show already!

  • Q. Vos
    Q. Vos22 timer siden

    Everything about this is shit; theres nothing similar to Blade Runner here except for the neon lights and flying cars. Music is garbage. It's a generic modern day pop song. I get absolutly no Noir vibe from this...also the plot is generic and stale. I'm so disappointed because I've been looking forward to this since its announcement years ago.

  • racoon killer 7
    racoon killer 722 timer siden

    I hope rockso gets an album release i want one of his music lol here in 2021

  • Nines Rodriguez
    Nines Rodriguez22 timer siden

    When I was a kid back in the '80s and saw BLADE RUNNER in a theatre, I never expected 40 years later to see Alita Battle Angel entering this amazing cyberpunk universe. What a disappointment...

  • cherry bomb
    cherry bomb22 timer siden

    *omg we ran over someone's grandma* *welcome to your new dream house* Had me rolling on the floor lmao

  • Thizzlefrizzle 24
    Thizzlefrizzle 2422 timer siden

    I’m confused can anyone explain to me what the fuck I just watched LOL

  • kilic20
    kilic2022 timer siden

    oh, this is bad...this is sooo bad

  • Thottle
    Thottle22 timer siden

    no one talking about how morty calls jessica from space

  • M V
    M V22 timer siden


  • Corey Wood
    Corey Wood22 timer siden

    Im hoping this trailer isnt an accurate portayal of what the show will be.

    DR XUATAX22 timer siden

    how is it that no one involved on making this trailer, didn't even watched a clip from the 2 movies? not a single beat or vibe match. This thing just its gonna be a dump that i would happily denied there existence.

  • Gabriel Hart
    Gabriel Hart22 timer siden

    Lol instead of falling asleep I’m wondering about life’s big questions. Having freedom dreams while in prison is the worst thing ever

  • Nachos Rule 69
    Nachos Rule 6922 timer siden

    0:11 Sleepovers in a nutshell.

  • towipo
    towipo22 timer siden

    Noooo! Who the hell ok'ed this crap!? That looked as awful as it sounded. Leave my Blade Runner alone!

  • Arnie Zambrano
    Arnie Zambrano22 timer siden

    This is looking like its going to be the Voltron episode

  • Swag Kage
    Swag Kage22 timer siden


  • Owen Everett
    Owen Everett22 timer siden

    Keep all that Kung fu action and trash music away from the Blade runner franchise please.

  • Glenn Davey
    Glenn Davey22 timer siden

    This looks like that terrible "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" movie from 2001. This looks like a video game cutscene I wanna skip. Why would you humiliate yourself by putting your real family names, Aramaki and Kamiyama, to this incompetent mess? You could have hidden behind a company name and saved your poor embarrassed parents their early deaths.

  • UndeadFangtooth
    UndeadFangtooth22 timer siden


  • Just Virginia
    Just Virginia22 timer siden

    Just discovered Rick and Morty last week so now I'm here 😬

  • Antonius Maximus
    Antonius Maximus22 timer siden

    Wow, what a turd.

  • Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega22 timer siden

    Im an Adult Swim addict and This show and Erik Andre has to be the absolute 2 worst shows ever been made in the last 10 years!!! PLEASE QUIt MAKING AND SHOWING THIS SHOW!!!!

  • Tyler Worsham
    Tyler Worsham22 timer siden

    Aesthetically, this does look like Blade Runner, but I think the (otherwise admittedly good) song kills the Blade Runner vibe. A lot of what makes Blade Runner what it is is not only the visual style and tone but that iconic and mesmerizing synth music. I kinda hope the show itself doesn't use pop music for the soundtrack and instead uses music that feels more like Blade Runner. I've got my reservations, but there's no way I'm missing this. I hope it's good, because a kickass Blade Runner series sohnds dope.

  • thatguy
    thatguy22 timer siden

    the laugh at george cloonie rollin is the best.

  • Douglas Johnson
    Douglas Johnson22 timer siden

    I was hoping for something Anime' like The BR 2022 short, that preceded the release of BR 2049. This is giving me Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045 vibes, which is not good.

  • domaindiego_ TTV
    domaindiego_ TTV22 timer siden

    *BUY AND INVEST IN CRYPTO* Bitcoin Dogecoin Ethereum🌌

  • 21syaf
    21syaf22 timer siden

    The blackout anime looks 1000 times better than this, why don't just go with that route, i tired of this "3d series quality" of animation. This looks like star wars clone wars, and that series release decades ago.

  • 21syaf
    21syaf22 timer siden

    @deadpool yeah, I'm okayy with it cause it feels like its their style now, lookin at how star wars rebel and bad batch following that style.

  • deadpool
    deadpool22 timer siden

    also the animation in that show got way better over time.

  • Majorallen95
    Majorallen9522 timer siden

    Anyone notice, that's the same weapon the president used in his battle with Rick

  • S1NE4T3R
    S1NE4T3R22 timer siden

    Looks like shit. Easy pass.

  • Λrchalias
    Λrchalias22 timer siden

    Nobody: People in public restrooms: 0:27

  • Dop eSkiis
    Dop eSkiis22 timer siden

    I wanna know who threw earl his weapon.

  • Zach Fennell
    Zach Fennell22 timer siden

    Getting a PS5 is the only task harder than knocking two strokes off Jerry’s golf game

  • Bradley Atherton
    Bradley Atherton22 timer siden

    I didn’t know I wanted this…

  • KrisWentNutsOwO
    KrisWentNutsOwO22 timer siden

    mirror man’s song is just so good. the second “gotta be seen by someone out there” when he hit that high note..i dunno, is it just me who finds it really really cool when singers do that? that’s my favorite part ngl. i cant stop listening to that song -.- its such a jam

  • Adrian Rojas
    Adrian Rojas22 timer siden

    Can you imagine Harrison Ford crossed paths

  • John E
    John E22 timer siden

    Arnold was a complete failure and screwed the miners at the last moment before leaving office. F Arnold.

  • Jerikho
    Jerikho22 timer siden

    this is what got me 2 watch rick and morty and how i found about rick and morty all those years ago

  • Bridget Cafarella
    Bridget Cafarella22 timer siden

    This is hilarious,the sheriff is just as stupid as the squidbillies.

  • ⚡️BRUH IRVIN⚡️
    ⚡️BRUH IRVIN⚡️22 timer siden


  • Mario Gonzalez
    Mario Gonzalez22 timer siden

    So hype for this!!!

  • tsartodd
    tsartodd22 timer siden

    look it's Charlie Kirk!

  • rules287 TikTok
    rules287 TikTok22 timer siden

    This would’ve been interesting if they didn’t slap that Blade Runner brand on it tbh

  • W
    W22 timer siden

    Why not just portal into the safe?🤨

  • D
    D22 timer siden

    Ah, fragile looking girl is actually the ULTIMATE WEAPON. Finally, an original concept.

  • Pifflesome Puff Nadder
    Pifflesome Puff Nadder22 timer siden

    *BUMP, BUMP!*

  • gameguy 3080
    gameguy 308022 timer siden

    The whole new seasons been so bad!!!

  • Cyclo_ Gamer
    Cyclo_ Gamer22 timer siden

    Rick I love you your so funny

  • Tzuki Sempai
    Tzuki Sempai22 timer siden

    *suena after dark*

  • Matt Gregory
    Matt Gregory22 timer siden

    Ohh I love the Alita Battle Angel Vibes here. Looking forward to it.

  • Brian Bannon
    Brian Bannon22 timer siden

    Am I dreaming or did I just see the Simpsons do something FUNNY for the first time in a decade????

  • The Illiad
    The Illiad22 timer siden

    Rusty had blue eyes and red hair as a child, why brown eyes and brown hair as an adult?

  • William Hestilow
    William Hestilow22 timer siden

    This looks like a bad video game trailer....did I mention bad?

  • Sahidur Rahman
    Sahidur Rahman22 timer siden

    We do not there isn't no Harrison Ford in it? 🤔

  • Skye
    Skye22 timer siden

    is this lazar

  • Stickzilla
    Stickzilla23 timer siden

    The main character looks like a 30 year old morty

  • M N S
    M N S23 timer siden

    Why are they writing morty like jar jar binks?

  • Ugandan Knuckles
    Ugandan Knuckles23 timer siden

    Funny that rick would be destroying the DOI with morty during the Biden presidency. I'm smelling a future collaboration with the baby eaters in the COS down in Washington.

  • Marvel Geek
    Marvel Geek23 timer siden

    I love how Rick is just sitting there counting the money.

  • Oleksandra Bakun
    Oleksandra Bakun23 timer siden

    As an atheist woman of Christian background, I definitely appreciated the barechest Christ

  • Jared Quaglieri
    Jared Quaglieri23 timer siden

    Oney worked on this!!!

  • Brody Cole
    Brody Cole23 timer siden


  • GunsolKyle
    GunsolKyle23 timer siden

    "Were fish, this is stupid!"

  • Oleksandra Bakun
    Oleksandra Bakun23 timer siden

    For an atheist, you gotta give credit to Rick for knowing - or quickly emulating - this prayer

  • Floppo
    Floppo23 timer siden


  • Oleksandra Bakun
    Oleksandra Bakun23 timer siden

    I hoped to see the sexy barechest Christ scene

  • Denis Coronado
    Denis Coronado23 timer siden

    Seré inmortal y no me importaria morir mañana.

  • Retsu Kaioh
    Retsu Kaioh23 timer siden

    This is great to Blade Runner universe, as a ps2 game, i have games on my phone that look better, and the music kill all Blade Runner vibe.

  • VABP
    VABP23 timer siden

    What an absolute waste of money and lore from the fantastic source material. Why not make it similar to blackout 2022? I just watched the trailer for a very generic anime, and it looks nothing like something from the blade runner universe

  • Nathanael Pineda
    Nathanael Pineda23 timer siden

    I mean I’m pretty sure emo goth ppl would go far to piercings like this

  • MinerMaster
    MinerMaster23 timer siden

    Why is Rick and morty so on and off? The two good episodes this season were amazing, but the others were horrible.

  • jase276
    jase27623 timer siden

    I rally hope they didn't just copy Alita. And. I don't mean the lackluster live action but the OG Alita

  • SagaCharzy
    SagaCharzy22 timer siden

    Agree, but imo new alita is better than old one.

  • Merchant
    Merchant23 timer siden

    First time we’ve seen the portal all season

  • dowddash
    dowddash23 timer siden

    At first I thought what is this fucking shit, then hey this is kinda funny, to howling laughing.

  • Tenshi
    Tenshi23 timer siden

    Please stand away or you'll be tasered *screams 3 seconds later*

  • Simon-peter Williamson
    Simon-peter Williamson23 timer siden

    Bossk struggling to tie his shoes is beautiful

  • Jon Johns
    Jon Johns23 timer siden

    "Never Trust the French" .. that's been my policy forever.

    saiba.moe23 timer siden

    ugh, meh.....